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FREEDOM RUN latest news: the brightspire occupations
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primary stop
Welcome to Freedom Run! This board is where you can find all the essential information for the site.
6 3 Jun 19 2017, 02:20 PM
In: the brightspire occupations
By: gitty
member help desk
If you have any questions or concerns about the site, please feel free to submit them here! We occasionally will open discussions and polls for members to vote on so check here regularly!
Subforums: post templates, news and updates

8 19 Aug 8 2017, 02:25 PM
By: borb
lore lexicon
The lexicon contains all the submitted lore for the website - not essential but interesting tidbits that might help you understand the world! Members are encouraged to open discussions here.
Subforums: technology, culture, misc

3 0 Jun 5 2017, 04:47 AM
In: destroyers
By: gitty

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new applications
Ready to submit a character? Find the application template here and create a new thread!
33 11 Aug 7 2017, 03:14 PM
In: face claim
By: nello
character collection
All accepted applications for freedom run can be found here!

19 19 Aug 6 2017, 12:38 PM
In: nils sørensen
By: gitty

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Create a group plot page for all your characters here, brainstorm connections and potential threads with other members. The thread name should include your OOC name and you can use our default template if you so wish!
Subforums: group and faction plotting, character plotters

13 44 Aug 10 2017, 12:06 PM
In: cloud streets
By: nello
wanted ads
If you're in need of a particular character or idea to help with your own plotting, feel free to put up a wanted ad here! You can bump every couple of days.
Subforums: individual ads, group ads

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In: ----
character development
To post aesthetics, playlists, drabbles, thread trackers and anything else you so desire - sign up for your own in the 'character development board sign ups' thread in here!
Subforums: bunny, choco, gitty, high, madison, pie, puck, reese

18 18 Jun 25 2017, 05:01 AM
In: and you were full of joy
By: juliet grace
alternate play
Where you can find ic / ic-related rping! This includes instant messaging, the 18+ board and more.
Subforums: spirenet im, 18+ board, au rp, spirefiction.net, spirematch.net

11 53 Aug 5 2017, 11:30 AM
In: no evil star
By: juliet grace

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the phoenix quarter
The vision of the future made reality. The Phoenix Quarter is the cosmopolitan pinnacle of the Upper Tiers and, perhaps unsurprisingly, exclusive to those who live among the upper echelons and those who can buy a pass to access it. Slick white and pastel grey streets, lined with shops, boutiques, bars and spas. Windows flicker with bright holograms, joining in a cacophony of colour at night time.
Subforums: mayfeather boutique, alejandro's bar and lounge, the kristall amphitheater, Racing Stadium

3 5 Jul 4 2017, 03:57 PM
In: ember and ash
By: caprice adreus
memoriam reserve
A faux nature reserve and 'a much-needed place' of tranquility in the upper tiers, the Memoriam Reserve attempts to replicate the peaceful natural places of the old world. It tends to be a popular attraction to visitors from the Mid and Lower Tiers who marvel at the blatant grandness of the reserve.
Subforums: information center, vantage point, hunter training course

1 1 Jul 4 2017, 03:10 PM
In: dry bones
By: casca darzi
elkslowe sector
Highly restricted, even to most inhabitants of the Upper Tiers, the Elkslowe Sector is home to numerous locations of top importance. The Reclaimer Labs, CAIFs mainframe, the Defenders HQ can all be found here; it isn't unusual to find a multitude of patrolling armed security guards here, with the majority of the departments built into The Brightspire.
Subforums: reclaimer laboratories, defenders hq

2 5 Jun 20 2017, 02:04 AM
In: bloodflows
By: hiltrude ing
fairlock estates
The residential areas for the inhabitants of the Upper Riers - though not quite as opulent as the wealthy of the old world, in comparison to the rest of the inhabitants of The Brightspire the divide is incredibly evident, with actual homes as opposed to the apartments elsewhere. If you wish to apply for your character's own board please see the member services thread!
Subforums: adreus medical center, BSM Center

1 3 Jun 13 2017, 11:24 PM
In: take it easy
By: ramel knight

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meridian industrial
The Meridian Industrial level is the production home of The Brightspire - multiple factories aligned next to one another, great square white buildings with relatively high security. Occasionally the warehouses are broken up by long stretches of grass and crops, plus transparent glass domes which are home to The Brightspire greenhouses.
Subforums: resourcer faculty, lowell greenhouse, Metro Station, police station

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In: ----
perdido center
The commerce and entertainment area for the Mid Tier inhabitants, Perdido Center circles around the width of the spire, populated by shops for essentials - clothes and leisurely items, however what the Perdido Center is really used for is the community hubs and methods of entertainment. Above the shops are where some residents of the Mid Tiers reside.
Subforums: youth community center, citizen arcade, infinity screens, hempton museum

2 0 Jul 2 2017, 03:52 PM
In: In A Lonely Place
By: Irene Brand
sphinx residences
The main residential area of the Mid Tier - a cluster of tall, white and grey apartment buildings. Residents are allocated according to family size and though the apartments themselves are modest in their decor, they're still a great deal better than trying to survive on the ground. If you wish to apply for your own sub-board in here please see the board location thread!
Subforums: lumina correctional facility, multi-faith house

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In: ----

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blomstra stacks
The Blomstra Stacks is the main community level for the lower tiers, where the residents have created little hubs out of broken and leftover parts. Little individual stalls are accessible by ladders and makeshift steps. A lot of facilities were initially placed by The Brightspire officials, however a lack of maintenance and attention has resulted in the citizens taking ownership.
Subforums: health clinic, scrumbers bar, old world collective, wicks fight club

5 29 Aug 1 2017, 05:31 PM
In: let's face it
By: aislin guldborg
the heartsfire
The Heartsfire is the most well-guarded area of the lower tiers - and one of the most observed on The Brightspire. It's the home to the mechanic facilities for the sentries and most importantly, the engines to The Brightspire itself. Those entering the engines must go through a security check every time they enter and leave.
Subforums: sentry factory, engine room

1 0 Aug 5 2017, 08:36 PM
In: Frayed Nerves
By: Isam El-Amin
desdera catacombs
Though officially named 'Desdera Bunk Homes', the catacombs have been dubbed as such due to their insular, cramped areas. Individuals are assigned a minimal apartment in here, usually just a bedroom and a bathroom. Families, if they're particularly fortunate for the Lower Tiers will have an extra bedroom allocated.
1 1 Jul 4 2017, 03:06 PM
In: disparate youth
By: casca darzi

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Las Médulas
Historically a mining site, Las Médulas has once again been turned into a resource gathering site for fuel-focused gatherers and digging sentries. It's still a scenic location, with rust and sand coloured stone outcrops peaking towards the sky.
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In: ----
The city of Ponferrada hasn't completely lost its beauty, and it's a fortunate sight that some of the historic, picturesque buildings still remain standing. It has long been deserted, however, though some resources might still remain in unopened homes and community areas.
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In: ----

Collapse   ooc area
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ooc chat
For out of character threads and chatting! It's a great place to introduce yourself and keep us informed of any prospective hiatuses.
Subforums: games, aesthetics

8 12 Aug 10 2017, 12:44 PM
In: texts from last night
By: nils sørensen
Where old threads go to rest!
Subforums: old applications, old threads, old plotters, old im threads + misc

1 0 May 31 2017, 07:35 AM
In: home sweet home
By: pie
Want to advertise your site on Freedom Run? Please post in the appropriate board so we can link back if necessary! Multiple ads are allowed so long as we're okay to post again on yours!
Subforums: link first, link back

105 23 Apr 28 2018, 12:42 AM
In: Lochland Grove[jcink]

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